The cell phone that we use today may not be the same tomorrow. New technologies may change the look and feel of the cell phone. You have seen futuristic phone in movies, one day it may become a reality.
Check out some of the beautiful concept phones or phones of the future. However most of them may or may not make through because of technological constrains. Let the future decide.

1. Project Modai

Modai explores the industrial design and future user interface of a mobile design. An attempt been made to enhance the relationship between the user and the device, through an emotional connection.
The Modai brand is energetic, young and has that human touch. Modia concept mobile phone features a full front screen that is touch enabled. See for yourself.

2. Mobile script

Mobile script a concept phone with host of function. It will have 2 screens, large and small. The large screen can be pulled out revealing size of 9.5 inch as big as a laptop.
For work or for entertainment this concept phone makes it possible.

3. Weather Phone (Window Phone)

Designed by Seunghan Song this phone could shame the weather bureau for their in accurate predictions. This phone can accurately predict the weather condition and can even change its display to reflect the same.

4. Sticky Phone

Designed by Liu Hsiang-Ling this phone is made with polysiloxane (silicone) which is flexible. The concept is simple; the phone can stick via suction on to the glass window for some sunshine and thus charge itself.

5. Kambala the Phone, ear-phone, Phone
Is this a phone or a ear-phone, well Kambala is both. The center piece can be popped out to reveal the earpiece clip pings. Made from multilayered polymer the phone will host all the electronic components with plenty of sensors and ability to transmit image to other side. This concept phone can also blend easily with your skin tone when clipped to your ear, making it almost invisible.

6. Leaf Phone

Designed by Anastasia Zharkova this phone can adapt to dynamics of human muscle and will not cause any discomfort. The phone can be fixed on any part of the body in any position. The phone can use electromagnetic and solar energy for charging.

7. Phone fashion

This dial phone gives you the luxury of being chic, uber-rich and sporty. The phone looks more like a fashion accessory. There is no display but a beam of projected light in the inner circle does it all. To dial you can place it on a surface and the beam of light will impersonate the rotary dial, and to dial a number simply touch it.

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